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How can a business owner increase revenue with social media?

Every business owner is always facing at least some issues that are limiting their earning potential. A content marketing strategy that effectively uses social media platforms to reach an enormous user base can solve one or more potential problems that are acting as limiting factors.

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So, what are some limiting factors that you could be facing as a business owner which such a strategy would solve?

Customer Recommendations

One of the most important elements of a successful business is having enthusiastic customers who mention your products or services to other people. When somebody finds out about a product that interests them because a friend told them how great it is, the likelihood of that person then going to the same business is extremely high. We all know how important trust is in making sales, and the people who we trust most are people we know personally and people who have experience with the thing we’re interested in.

When a customer tells their friend about your product, that friend is getting a recommendation from the most trustworthy source possible. But it’s not easy to get your customers talking about you and to keep them enthusiastic about your business. Even if your service is the highest quality possible, your customer will be very happy momentarily but will soon go on with their life and leave this positive experience in the past.

However, if you can stay connected with your customers on social media, then you can stay on their minds and help them remember you when they’re having conversations with their peers. Furthermore, you can actually increase customer enthusiasm about your business by adding value with your interactions online.

Brand Awareness

Brand marketing is proven to be a crucial aspect of creating growth and longevity for your business. By getting your company identity to resonate with your target audience, you can create strong brand recognition that will make your business the go-to spot for your products or services.

Creating a strong brand can be difficult because it requires consistency. Everything you do affects your brand from your marketing tactics to your business practices and customer service. Very few companies have the budget to advertise with catchy slogans on national television commercials like Nike’s “Just do it.” Luckily, we can connect with our customers via the internet.

By consistently creating high-quality content that incorporates your company vision, you can show the world who you are and what your brand is all about. The goal is to evoke a certain emotion when people think of your company. If you can provide content through social media that is helpful or enjoyable, you will start to reach a larger percentage of your target audience while simultaneously establishing emotional links with your customers.

Customer Loyalty

Competition is fierce. Your competitors will not stop trying to get your customers to switch over. However, you have the ability to fight back by turning your customers into true fans and supporters.

Even if your customers like your services, there is rarely a reason for them to not at least try something new. That is why it is important to create a sense of loyalty. Engaging content on social media can help form a connection between you and your customer so that they can become a part of your tribe, and they will begin to see your competitors as opposing tribes.

Frequency of Visits

Marketing is not just about getting new customers. An effective marketing strategy should help to increase revenue from both new customers and existing customers. Your existing customers clearly find value in your services, but they need to be reminded of that fact and engaged with so that they continue to come back again and again.

There are several possible reasons why somebody might visit you less frequently then is optimal. Maybe they tend to wait until the last minute when they really need your service again before they come back. Maybe it has to do with convenience of location, or it could even be that they’re not aware of everything you have to offer.

Whatever your business is, consider for a moment what the primary reasons could be that your customers don’t come in more often. Do you think you could use a good relationship with those customers on social media as an opportunity to show them why those reasons not visiting more frequently are flawed, or what value they’re missing out on by staying away?


Content marketing is all about creating and sharing interesting material online that people can engage with and that adds value for your followers. The material should be curated with your specific audience in mind, and relevant to your products or services so that you are indirectly promoting your business.

Social media can be quite an effective vehicle for your content marketing strategy. There are various platforms you can choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Dreamgrow has listed some great statistics, such as videos uploaded to Facebook in February 2016 generated over 199 billion views, and 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35.

Something else to consider is your individual style when it comes to content sharing and social media. Do you tend to be more educational or humorous? Do you like longer, detailed text or quick, witty punchlines? Do you prefer images to text? Do you like to share videos and if so, do you like longer videos or shorter videos?

After pondering your own personality and tendencies, you need to determine who your customer base is so that you can reach them most effectively. How old are they on average? Are they predominantly one gender or the other? What are their interests? The answers to these questions combined with social media statistics which you can easily find online will help you choose the best platform/s to reach your audience.

Once you know which social media platforms are best suited for you, it is best to develop some sort of strategy. Try to work the following elements into your planning process:

  • What is your goal? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website, subscribe to your email list, call or visit your location, attend an event, buy a product online?

  • How will you maximize engagement? How can you encourage your followers to comment, share, click links, etc.?

  • How often will you post? It can be helpful to create a schedule for yourself. You can even create your posts ahead of time and schedule them to be posted at later dates, and then monitor engagement as part of your daily or weekly routine.

  • What type of content will you share? You can really strengthen your brand here. How can you provide value to your audience while showing them who you are as a business, differentiating yourself from the competition? There are a lot of ways you can do this through humor, education, creativity, honesty, and so on.

One of the keys in developing a successful strategy is to research your customer base. You need to know where they go on social media and what type of content they typically engage with.

Other key factors in content marketing include providing value and standing out. You must provide value because that is what will make your followers appreciate you and your brand. Gaining their appreciation can convert them from an occasional customer to a true fan who will recommend your services to friends and loyally give you their business. Standing out is equally important for 2 reasons: people need a reason to follow you on social media and differentiation from your competitors will strengthen your brand.

It is also wise to think ahead and take into account how the trends are shifting and what the most effective strategies will be in the upcoming years. Neil Patel has done some great work outlining some things to keep in mind moving forward in 2020.


  1. Research – There are a number of things you must determine before getting started. You need to know who your target audience is and how to reach them, you need to have an understanding of current trends online and on social media, and you need to figure out how your own style and personality can work for you in putting out great content for your audience.

  2. Plan – Write out what social platforms you will use, what your main goals are, your strategies for maximizing engagement, your posting schedule, and the type of content you will create. Of course you can adjust the plan as you go, but getting these written down will make you accountable and keep you on task and focused on what matters.

  3. Track Results – After you implement your plan, you will need to have a system for tracking its effectiveness. How many likes, shares, comments, etc. are your posts getting? Is it helping to drive business? What’s working well, and what’s not?


I don’t mean that this should be your only approach to online marketing, but it can certainly be a highly valuable aspect of your overall strategy.

Social media content marketing can be effective for just about any type of business.

Online marketing almost always goes hand-in-hand with internet-based businesses. Social media is a proven lead generation source for internet businesses, but you won’t get any leads without producing great content that draws people in and gets shared to others.

If you run a small to medium sized local business then this type of strategy will work great for you. It is a way that you can compete with larger businesses for the public’s awareness and interest in you. You can also build up your reputation by getting reviews on Facebook and tons of engagement across social media. In addition, the content you share is a great vehicle to start creating a brand and attracting those people with shared values.

It really doesn’t matter what size a business is; even large international companies use these methods to separate themselves from their competition and really drive home their branding.


There are several extra benefits you can get out of a campaign done right. These include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of your average customer

  • Increasing customer engagement with your brand

  • Improving your brand’s credibility

Pay attention to the content that tends to get more likes and shares from your followers. This will provide valuable insight into what matters most to your customer base. If a restaurant posts about how great their food tastes, and also about the healthiness of their food, they would be able to tell that the health aspect matters more to their customers if those posts get twice as many likes. Then they would focus more on healthiness in the future and could even curate their menu to be more health-conscious.

You can also gain understanding about what matters to your customer by reading the comments under your posts. Look at how they react to what you share, and you could even run polls or ask direct questions for more insights.

Increasing customer engagement is a great way to stay on their minds so that they remember to keep coming back. Every time a potential customer interacts with you on social media, you are essentially advancing the next sale. Posting thought-provoking content and using calls to action are a couple ways you could increase engagement.

The other way your social media content can help your brand is by establishing yourself as an authority in your field. When consumers are getting truly helpful information from your timeline it positions you as an expert and builds trust. Since trust is such a crucial factor when making buying decisions, being the go-to expert is great for business.

One content idea to show your expertise is to list the top 5 (or however many) things to look for when buying a product that you sell. If you’re aware of common signs of poor or mediocre quality in the product, then not only will that be super helpful to potential buyers but it also implies that if they buy from you then they won’t have to worry about quality issues!

This is all great, but like all marketing, this strategy is really about more revenue!

By getting more engagement on social media and strengthening your brand, effectively what comes out of that is more visits to your business and more requests for your services. And one of the perks of content marketing is even though it takes quite a bit of effort, it can be a completely free strategy to increase your revenue! Talk about a good ROI!

Plus, the beautiful thing about doing this on social media is that it inherently increases the chance that your customers will recommend you to their friends and become advocates. People are happy to advocate for businesses they like and social media is the most common way to do that these days, but if you’re not active there then it will be difficult and unnatural for customers to recommend you to friends. Conversely, if you are active and your account or page has awesome content, it become very easy for someone to just say “hey, check out this awesome page, I just went there and the customer service was awesome!”


As you’ve seen, there can be tons of benefits with using social media this way as a business. Let’s recap some of the things you can accomplish:

  • Better understanding of the customer

  • Increased customer loyalty and advocacy

  • Higher brand awareness

  • Established authority in your field

  • More revenue

The keys to unlocking these benefits are providing value to your customers and staying consistent. This can be a long term strategy, but the payoff can be huge!

I hope this helps, and if you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session, feel free to fill out the contact form below or give us a call.

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